That Dude is So Stoned

People who are stoned tend to think everyone around them is stoned too — “Dude, that dog is so baked.” And we humans constantly rationalize our tax-cheating because everyone is doing it, and you’d be a sucker no to.

These recent comments from Jörg Jaksche are the usual reformed-doper (read, caught) line of crap.

Now, I’m no novice here. I understand that cycling has been rife w/ drugs for a long time. That said I honestly believe things are getting better. Just because Jörg built his cycling career on how much juice he could shove into his body doesn’t mean the entire peloton is lubed. On top of that the guy has been out of the game since 2007, so how does he know what’s going on right now? This is more of the usual self-serving “look at me” crap that comes from guys like this.


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