Dos Hombres Un Camino

In the tradition of great Mexican telenovelas I present Lance y Alberto in Dos Hombres Un Camnio.

Daytime Drama

Daytime Drama

As we head into the second week the tour is becoming a great daytime drama. All of the elements are in place. Older, wiser hero – check. Handsome, young upstart, sí. A full cast of characters of all shapes, sizes and nationalities with a psychologist’s couch-full of problems, done and done.

While Lance has publicly said in recent days that there is some tension between him and Alberto, Contadore has said the opposite. On Monday’s rest day he stated “”It’s a subject which is starting to tire me a bit.” “It’s too repetitive. For me there are no tensions. I am totally relaxed and focused on the competition.”

Things should remain pretty mellow until Saturday and Sunday – w/ Sunday’s mountain-top finish at Verbier being potentially game-changing. But I said that last week and I was wrong, so we’ll see. But in the meantime the tension will only rise and the days tick down to Paris. The ultimate question will be Quien es mas macho?


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