Jens Voigt Crash — Horrific

In today’s stage 16 all-around strong man and (by all accounts) nicest guy in the peloton Jens Voigt had a horrific crash. Voigt, who was traveling about 50 mph when he fell, is out of the race, but according to his team is “OK under the circumstances.”

The other excitement in today’s long stage w/ 2 big climbs was seeing Lance Armstrong bridge a 30 second gap to the main contenders on the road. There were shades of the old Lance as he stood and powered away from some of the other GC favorites. He didn’t gain any time, but it was cool to see him going hard with the best in the world.

Another torturously hard stage tomorrow with even more climbing that today. Yes, another downhill finish, but with a profile like the one below everyone is going to have to be on their game.

Nasty Day

Nasty Day


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