Everyday Bike of the Future… Not So Much

This article tells us that Chris Boardman and Sky have revealed their artist’s impression of the everyday bike of the future. The article is full of great claims about the bike, but this one is my favorite: “Carbon-fibre is the ideal material to use for bikes as it can be moulded into any shape and is super-lightweight (‘it could even be lego for adults’).” The first pat of that sentence about the virtues of carbon is true, but the collection of words in the parentheses is just confusing.

Future, sure. Everyday, not a chance

Future, sure. Everyday, not a chance

The bike is certainly cool, but there is nothing remotely everyday about it. Everyday bikes don’t need self-inflating/sealing tires, shaft drives or GPS. I’d love to see some of this tech on my future race bike, but not parked in front of my local coffee shop. And to further add to the non-everydayness it would cost 4-grand if it could be mass-produced. Bravo to Chris for pushing the dial forward on bike design, but let’s be silly. The bikes we ride today are largely just extensions (albeit lighter, strong, cooler) of the original diamond frame design. Concept bikes rarely seem to see the light of day. And for that we should be thankful. Remember this bastard child of a LifeCycle, Tri-bike and a Rollerblade?

Words fail.

Words fail.


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