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Universal Sports Cycling Name Game

I’m glad to have the Vuelta on TV. It’s had some cool moments this year (Cancellera’s storming prologue, Tyler’s crazy-long sprint win). Mostly I blaze through the stages via TiVo to get to the good parts. I have watched enough of this race and the Giro to pick up on some odd name pronunciations from the the Universal Sports announcers — Todd Gogulski and  Steve Schlanger.

Now, I have no idea how most of these cats really pronounce their names. People do all kinds of whacky crap with their names — I’m looking at you Brett Favre (Farve). That said, I’ve never heard anyone use the pronunciations these guys do. Do they have the inside line? Are Liggett and Sherwen wrong (and everyone else I’ve ever heard) wrong? If they’re right I want to start using their pronunciations. I love knowing the right way to say things when common wisdom say otherwise. For example it’s Ser-Ott-uh, not Ser-Oh-tuh. If they’re wrong I want to shout at the TV and mock them during the club rides.

Here are the ones that jumped out at me — with my preferred pronunciation in parenthesis and theirs in brackets:

  • Freire (Fr-air)[Fee-air-ay]
  • Sastre (Sas-truh)[Sos-tray]
  • Cunego (Ku-Nay-Go)[Ku-Nuh-Go]
  • Farrar (Far-ar)[Far-uh]

That’s all I can pull out of memory, but it’s kind of odd. Did Gogulski and Schlanger make a decision about this or was it organic?



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