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“Politics” Keeping Landis out of the Tour?

I think Floyd Landis might be giving politics too much of a role in his lack of Pro Tour team offers. There is also the little problem of his 2009 results. What were those, you ask? My point exactly.


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Here’s a Thought — Don’t Cheat in the First Place

While saying he doesn’t “look for excuses” Thomas Dekker checks in with the predictable I only did it once excuse and adds in the I only did it because I was injured excuse. Then he moves on to assure us that since he’s young he can come back and prove himself clean. If you’re so young and have so much time why bother with the drugs to rush back into shape. Thomas Dekker is very sorry — sorry he got caught.

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Vino Returns to Racing. Leaves Humility at Home.

Alexandre Vinokourov made his big comeback to racing on Tuesday in France. In the natourcriterium of Castillon-la-Bataille Vino sported a jersey w/ a picture of himself and the words Vino 4 Ever. Still a class act, apparently.

This guy has got some balls. First he dopes when he knows he’s going to be under massive scrutiny due to his association w/ Dr. Ferrari. Then he gets nailed and gets his entire team tossed out of the Tour, not for one year, but 2. Next he doesn’t have the balls to man-up and admit what he did. The Kazakh federation gives him some bullshit 1 year suspension. The UCI decides to sue to enforce the full 2 years and Vino retires, so UCI drops the case. Now here we are in 2009 and the guy just waltzes back into pro cycling with his “comeback” story. What a dick. I mean, really. He hurts the sport, and himself and costs Astana untold sums of money and there are really no consequences for this guy. Stunning.

And once again we have cycling’s big names silent. People like Lance Armstrong , Johan Bruyneel, Phil and Paul, Contadore need to come out and call foul on guys like this. What good do they think it does to prolong the cycling omertá.  I can accept dopers back into the sport, but in my mind they must not only serve their suspension, but show some remorse and admit to their infractions of the rules. Sweeping shit under the rug may help things look better, but it still leaves a stink.

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As(s)tarloza Suspended — And So It Begins

Winner of Stage 16 of this year’s Tour, Mikel Astarloza of Euskaltel, tested positive for EPO in an out of competition test on June 26. He ‘s been suspended from racing and will face a disciplinary hearing by the Spanish Cycling Federation. I’m sure he’ll request an analysis of his B-sample and then claim ignorance about how this all could have happened. The script is well ingrained in popped riders now.

On the day of his win Astarloza said “It’s the best day of my life.” I’m guessing today is right up there as one of his worst. It will be interesting to hear the backstory on this out of comp test. Was he being targeted via the blood passport program?

And the question that still needs to be answered: Why do these guys think they won’t get caught? I wouldn’t be surprised if today is the first day of a long month of drip, drip, drip doping news connected to the Tour. Then we have the 2008 Tour retro testing to look forward to in the fall.

Will any of the big names come out to condemn this or will the Omerta prevail.


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