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Bang! Bang!

And off we go.

This blog, Bike Breath if you’re not paying attention, is a long time coming. I’ve been threatening (my wife mostly) to start writing about bikes and racing, and the pychology and psychosis that goes with it for a good long time.

We’ll start with some simple facts. I love the sport and everything that goes along with it — the bikes, the components, the clothes, the physical and mental suffering, the rolling soap opera that is the pro peloton, the local race scene, the smell of burning brake pads, lounging around the bike shop after a group ride, the anticipation of rolling out of my driveway and the satisfaction of rolling back in with several dozen Ks in my legs. All of it, the good and the bad, just makes me tick.

So here I am, dusting off my Journalism degree  — I hope it’s a good ride.



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